La Via del Maschile Maturo

“An awakened man is the need of the time. His heart and hands will inform the new world while his spirit will illuminate the way. Women, children and nature yearns for it.”

E’ la nostra Visione, il mondo che ci immaginiamo e per la quale stiamo lavorando, ciò che desideriamo vedere realizzato nel futuro.

E’ la missione attuale. Esprime le azioni, le modalità e a chi ci rivolgiamo per realizzare il nostro Sogno.

Sono principi che ci aiutano a raggiungere la parte migliore di noi; ci permettono di armonizzarci, di accordarci l’un l’altro.

This association is the product of our collective dream of a journey towards a balanced self, equitable humanity and kindness towards the ecology. It is fueled by men like you; fathers, husbands, professionals…all striving to be our best versions everyday in our worldly lives. It is blessed by women like you; mothers, wives, siblings and colleagues who are bound by a genuine desire to see men realized and happy. The vision, mission and standards that guide the dreams of this association are shared below.





We hold space for men in a sanctuary of sacred brotherhood, where they can initiate into their
mature masculinity and use their life wounds as beacons to rediscover their uniqueness and their great purpose.


To inspire, coach and hold space for leaders to embrace their true being, step over their limitations, go beyond their finite mind & sight, to unlock their greatness and unleash their power, shine their light and selflessly serve communities, institutions and humanity as a whole.


I hold space for young men, where they can pursue their greatness, uncovering their unique life-purpose from their Being. I commit to support them, walking alongside on their great journey of initiation towards wholeness. I see them as the inspiring leaders of tomorrow.



I am always in the right place, but I have never arrived. I am the seeker of a higher truth, and self-realization is my destination. I have the fresh eyes of a child, open & willing to enquire and explore with innocence. Every action in my life is an act of constant self-attunement.


I stand courageous to choose and act inspired by love. I step beyond the limits of what I know,
beyond attachment to the physical reality. I show up as I am; transparent, unmasked, aligned to my true self. I am a courageous mirror, a compassionate observer of emotions – your and mine – on the road of self-realization.


I am part of a whole, I am open in oness, allowing the life-giving Essence to flow through me. I act without action – in stillness. I am in flow with the universe, as a string amplifying the primordial vibration, as an open space between the past and future, between the earth and the sky, between the inside and the outside.


As many sticks bundled together find strength in their unity, I find strength in my union with other men. I am the spirit of selfless service – not in neglect of myself – but as a symbiosis of mine and yours, always having your back. You are my brother, and I play with you, not to challenge you, not to defeat you, but to help you shine as the radiant star atop the mountain.


Humanity’s evolution is a co-creative process fueled by the alliance of men, women and nature. While we hold space for the women around us to fully shine in their brilliance, we are also called to hold space for men to awaken and fully realize their human potential. Women and children ask for it. The institutions, organizations and societies we are part of asks for it. The ecology asks for it. The world asks for it.