This are the virtues, the source that is renewed, where we take inspiration

We defend and protect women and children without hesitation

We use anger as a voice that points us to opportunities of inner growth, not as an instrument of violence

Whenever a NO has to be said we will say it with proud authenticity;
because an outward NO is a YES to our inner values

While we appreciate material pleasures, we are not slaves to money
and possession

We recognize that we were born with a higher purpose which we will not subordinate to the needs of self-preservation

For us less means more; we grow through renunciation

For us asceticism is a daily practice

We step out of our comfortzone and penetrate our limits,
we explore awareness of alternate realms

One for all, all for one

We see ourselves as guardians of the animal and plant kingdom

We always give more than we take

We do not consider ourselves inferior or superior to anyone else

We are collaborators of any noble cause

Occasionally we can slip and fall; in that case we will keep
compassionately the space for us to get up

We put our personal responsibility before that of others

We are fiercely loyal to each other but we are not blind to the fallibility of each of us

We are men of integrity; we have pure thoughts, our world is our law
and our actions are consistent with our values

We use our immense power, great intellect and an awakened heart
at the service of a greater good

We regard untapped human potential as a tragic waste

We constantly engage us in helping each other
to realize our human potential

We believe that a man without a noble cause
is not living a worthy life

We will never pursue a noble cause through ignoble means

We will never make a commitment without considering the consequences,
and when we get it we will finish it

We constantly heal our wounds and our weaknesses
to be able to emerge as a mountain in the midst of the storm

We never fight fire with fire. An eye for an eye only pays
blind both sides. Instead, we silently guard the space
so that others can share their pains.

Our emotions have an important place in life, we listen carefully, they are signals that show us where to pay attention. Our emotions are not shutters that fueled by need hide our mission and our responsibilities from us.